SSimply put, Information Technology (IT) is a tool that is available to everyone. Not everyone, however, is aware of how it can be use to benefit them. Not everyone is aware that IT is affordable and practical. FSB Technologies Ltd. is in the business of making people IT aware at all levels, showing where technology can help you be more productive and save money, all the while removing the burden of using these tools.

You don’t need to know how the lights work or what powers them. You just need the lights to turn on. Let us worry about your ICT Infrastructure, you concentrate on your business in the peace of mind that the tools you need to get your job done are being provided and used by capable, willing hands.

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Mission Statement
To help our customers achieve their goals by providing them with the technology advice and products they need – when they need them.


With over thirty (30) years combined experience in Information and Communications Technology (ICT), FSB Technologies Ltd. has been established with one goal in mind; where there is a need for a solution, we will work with customers to identify the most, technical savvy, operationally practical solution with the most value-add that will both meet and exceed our clients’ need(s). We also offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that take the headache out of the management and maintenance of your systems. This not only increases your return on investment, but also reduces your total cost of ownership.

Our aim is to consult with customers and deliver on what they require and not to simply sell what is “in stock”. From desktop computers to IP cameras and the software systems that support them, there is an answer to everyone’s unique business needs.

FSB Technologies Ltd. welcomes the opportunity to work with you to solve your business problems while freeing your time to focus on your core business. To maintain this business model, we also commit to bringing the latest innovations to the T’n’T market in both consumer and commercial Information Technology hardware and software solutions.


We have arranged to be partner with specific ICT Solution Providers that render some of the more robust, dependable systems available today;

Lenovo, APC, Netgear, Linksys, D-link, Buffalo, Microsoft, Symantec, Skype, Blackberry, Questys, L-Com, Kingston, Logitech, Lorex, NightOwl, Targus

Our combined knowledge-base and experience, along with these superb ICT companies, make us the best source of ICT Solutions in the industry.


Why Choose Us?

We are so tired of placing our faith blindly in IT companies that promise service and support. They look good and sound the part, but always seem to shimmer and fade on delivering.

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